UX ошибки

Even big companies get their interface falls. While user experience (UX) is only a part of client experience (CX), its impact on net profit can be significant in the long run. This is why startups and innovative companies distract customers from traditional operators with the help of excellent UX and UI. Today we’re going to look at some of the most common mistakes that we see in 2021.


Content allocation errors: the crux of the problem is that it is difficult to access the content on the site and the user cannot find the information quickly. If a client doesn’t get the information, willingness to cooperate with the app will go down to zero. You can use a click map and a heat map to fix this. This helps you improve your content and find design errors. Remember the three-click rule that each user must make no more than three clicks to go to any page of the website. We want to make it clear that this rule can be donated on some portals or special resources.

Categories that confuse visitors: the visitor wishes to receive specific information or to get acquainted with the details of the service. If the navigation in the application is not configured in the best possible way, this can be a UX-error. For a customer to decide to order a service or to read all the information you provide, it must be in one place without inconvenience to the user. Check if the service/product description matches the header.

Requisitioning process: when creating a registration process, microdetails can affect the conversion rate at the macro level. These tiny details, also called «flow killers», can influence even the perfectly designed experience. Some examples of these killers include the inability to provide confirmation when a user completes a task, such as adding a product to their basket, or blurring any form field problems that prevent a user from sending information.

Compulsory registration before offering value: when you try to guide your customers through the registration process before they decide on the product selection and place it in the shopping cart, you force users to leave your application without going back in the future. The way to correct this error can be simple and complex at the same time. You must demonstrate a value that will be of interest to the user as well as provide him with sufficient experience, so registration will only be the next logical step in this process. Make the value and participation so enjoyable that the request to register is like a natural action for the user, rather than something that seems forced.