consumers trust user-generated content

Unique brand presentation

People trust real people. User content campaigns are organic and actual, reflecting the voices of people who have used and benefited from brand products.

Due to the dynamism, creativity of the UGC video and short duration, the user is completely immersed in the content.   90% of auditory find user content useful and rely on it in making a purchase decision.

Such “market kings” as Pepsi, McDonald’s, AliExpress, Sber and many others have already introduced UGC into their TikTok, now it’s your turn!

Increased popularity and engagement

TikTok is access to active users with a high level of involvement. Our team’s quality customization of targeted advertisements allows us to get a wide range of users, shapes the loyalty of the target audience to the brand and increases its recognition.

TikTok is an additional communication channel with the user. Users get into UGC content, which helps to form cohorts of already loyal users. The more authentic the UGC content, the more you get not just customers, but fans and brand lawyers.

% of users say they remember the brand better because UGC
% say they feel a stronger connection to the brand because of UGC
% TikTok UGC is more popular than TikTok video brand