Soft Launch

When you run your app, you have only one chance to do it right.

In the “soft launch” phase, you need to consider several aspects that should give your application the best chance of a successful start.

Low priority of brand tasks: the myth that the agency does not hear the client is based on personal and individual situations. In Adsup we keep in mind that the success of the client is our success. Therefore, for each project we assign an account manager, a media bayer and a designer that leads your project.

Lack of good specialists: staff turnover occurs in every area. But Adsup is a company of friends who have been working shoulder to shoulder for the success of our clients for all 8 years. Thus, we are raising professionalists within the agency.

Low involvement in client business: this myth exists because of the feeling that the agency has a direct flow of ever-changing clients. In Adsup we aim at long-term cooperation, we take quality rather than quantity. More than 95% of our clients have been with us for more than 2 years. This shows a full “immersion” during promotion of the app.

Unclear reports: such myth can only exist in agencies that have no experience in the field of UA. In 8 years of work, we have created a clear business model, adapting it to new trends. After every step of the promotion, we send reports. Why? Because we’re using them to change strategy, to get better results for your app. Without clear and transparent reports, the agency simply cannot exist.