Reduction CPC


Increased average check

Case created in collaboration with the MYGRIBS agency

PARTY TIME – modern loft space for parties with games, movies and karaoke

Previously all traffic was directed to the site with the goal of «transitions». Creatives were used only in the tape on the format of the carousel. The daily budget was 50,000 RUB , the audience was not segmented either.

What are the main errors we have highlighted:

  • UTM tags were not used
  • No reactions were handled for further retargeting
  • A large budget was allocated for the campaign without testing audiences and hypotheses
  • Campaigns were conducted for one purpose only


  • Improve the quality of incoming traffic to the site, increase the conversion to the application and then – to purchase through Vkontakte


  • Posted UTM tags everywhere, thus dividing campaigns and ads for more detailed analysis.
  • Put a collection of reactions to gather a hot audience and launch a retargeting on it with another creative.
  • Started working with followers. Showing ads to our audience, promoting posts and testing formats, revealing which creatives are better responses.
  • Improved the keys, removing unwanted and adding current ones so as not to waste the budget.
  • Set different campaign goals to reach more segments of the audience.
  • Launched part of the campaigns to warm up the audience through screenings and involvement.


  • Developed the BIG IDEA advertising campaign – «The best place for your PARTY» and thought out spot-offs, coming from the «pains» of each target audience.

  • Sent traffic to the site and promotion posts in the group. By formats – used universal recording, carousel and stories format for the stories and clips themselves.

  • Set the daily budget for the test advertising campaign from 7,000 RUB with a further multiple increase (15,20,25,35,000). The targets were transitions, click payments, conversions and screenings, and segmented audiences.