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Entering new markets in different parts of the world is a very challengeable task for any app. We apply “think locally” strategy in order to deal with the cultural differences in different countries. There are many ingredients that helped us to produce native creatives with localized approach in respect of inDriver brand positioning on a regular basis: сonstant birth of ideas, new creatives approaches, analysis of advertising in the local market. In our case you will find out what advertising strategy our team followed for helping inDriver conquer the world


  • New markets enter: LATAM, CIS, SEA, RU

  • Maximize the number of paying users and revenue earning potential

  • Fresh creatives with respect of inDriver brand positioning


  • CR from install to registration > 86%
  • CR to passenger – 20-30%
  • Strict daily limits on installs, that can not be higher or lower due to certain driver quantity and vehicle capacity on every single city


  • New market. Color preferences, safety level in different regions, special aspects of localization, even different music tastes and sense of humor – that all important keys,that helped us to grow inDriver business in each of 31 countries
  • Stable increasing of paying and loyal auditory. Optimization of all active campaigns on a daily basis with help of professional analytical tools to control limits, budgets and quality 24/7
  • Fresh creatives. Our in-house design and media-buying team gave the new breath for inDriver brand on a worldwide scale



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