> 100 000

of users have sold/bought a vehicle

6 months

holding the leading position in «Shopping» category
TOP Google Play

One of the most popular car buying/selling apps turned to us for user acquisition.

Analyze of costumer’s in-app requests helped us to create a new sort of Ads that break stereotypes and grow the business faster than Formula 1 car. Creation of advertising approaches based on different functions of the service: not only selling or buying a vehicle, but also a full range of accompanying services. All it was made in order to help people in rethinking of the buying car activity.

How did we deal with this task?


  • Acquire users with high buying power

  • Increase awareness of the app

  • Reach leading position on the market


  •  Increasing of app awareness
  • Stable and high-quality traffic
  • CPA on an attempt to contact the seller for an announcement in Auto.ru app. Time for CPA – 7days from install


  • App awareness. Hightlight a new Auto.ru vision through creative approaches with additional services: to find parts and service centers, to estimate the cost of a car, to check its documentation and etc.
  • Stable traffic. Expanding the target audience and keeping involvement in the app. Optimization of all active campaigns on a regular basis
  • Increasing quantity of purchases. Turning auto purchase into impulsive category



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selling/buying car app


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