More than 60 000 installs on iOS and Android. 3ed place in «Lifestyle» category on App Store and Google Play.


> 60 000 

СR of paying users

CR [7d]  7-9%

TOP Google Play «Lifestyle»

3d place

TOP App Store «Lifestyle»

3d place

«Adsup has established itself as extremely reliable partner. We cooperate for a long time already and the quality of traffic is consistently high. Their communication approaches are worth pointing for sure; it’s very supportive and each and every issue resolves immediately.»

Stanislav Boukreev, Head of digital marketing, «Youdo»


  • Acquisition of loyal users
  • App promotion on the Russian market
  • TOP places on Google Play and App Store

Our solution

Our process with YouDo started with analysis of possible needs of the target audience: we’ve identified the trends in service industry depending on the specific region. Positive correlation between the type of service demand and region (city) was revealed.

Market of service providers and dynamic of environment were also analyzed, and it helped us to understand the best time for launch of campaigns. Economic crisis in the country also influenced popularity of the service, because, on the one side, many people were looking for additional source of income and, on the other side, low priced services were demanded, so the potential user was easier identified.

As a result we could increase the outreach of the app and its awareness, and push it to the TOP of the stores.



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You Do




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