Worki became one of the leading head hunting app.


1 500 000 installs per year,
Android & iOS


> 1 000 000 people found their jobs!

TOP Google Play

3rd place n «Business» category

«We work with Adsup for more than one year already, and I can really say that our cooperation is so successful, because keep achieving our goals in promotion of Worki application on the Russian market. Adsup has a customer-oriented approach, moreover, their efficient work helped us in achieving high results!”

Andrey Leonov, UA Manager, «Worki»


  • Acquisition of high volume of loyal users
  • Increase the brand awareness
  • Popularization of the app

Our solution

Obviously, the success of almost any headhunting apps is based on multiple aspects, such as: labor market tendencies, sezonality, economical factors and many others critical aspects.

According to these factors, Adsup’s main goals was to identify the most popular types of jobs and their target audience. During the deep market analysis we’ve decided to focus our approaches on part-time jobs at first, because it can provide an additional income for people. And who need additional income more than a student in Russia? Probably no one. Thus, we focus on this target audience, picking up a lot of cool creative approaches, even humorous; needless to say, that humor helped us a lot in this advertisement campaign.
After that, we started to implement creatives aimed at full-time jobs from driver to top management – and Adsup found a proper creative approach for each of this target group.

And a little piece of “insides”  – Adsup team confirmed the common truth, that a new life always begins on Monday, thus, CR in install is highest in Monday  (:



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Android and iOS


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