More than 150 000 installs were made on Android and iOS. Retention rate on the 2-d day was more than 25% and on the 7-th day - more than 10%.

Target GEO

Russia, USA

RR [2d], Android & iOS

> 25%

RR [7d], Android & iOS

> 10%

ROI [7d], Android & iOS


«We are working with Adsup for about one year. You helped us to come on Russian market. During our campaign you brought us good volumes with good users in our game.»

Wendy Wong, Overseas Senior Market Manager «Camel Games»


  • Acquisition of loyal users and increase of engagement in the game
  • Increase of in-app monetization
  • High level of retention rates and achievement of in-app actions like purchases, levels, upgrades of the game

Our solution

Keeping War & Order project on track successfully for several years was about high expertise and years of experience of our team, because it is not an easy challenge to promote a strategy mobile game and to have a high level of engagement in it under conditions of high competitive environment.

First of all, we defined the target audience accurately, on the basis of our experience and, of course, analysis of the app and the market.

Secondly, we created personalized creatives and various advertising approaches. It was important to show in the advertising all the possible rewards that were waiting for the user on higher levels, like new units, assets, upgrades, etc.

No less important was accurate adjustment of campaigns in MyTarget and Facebook and their constant optimization based on KPIs. We tested different ad formats and interests in campaigns, we’ve been watching for services’ updates and innovation to implement them to campaigns.

All that factors helped to create strong engagement in the game and to fit War & Order into one of users’ habits.



Camel games




Android and iOS


MyTarget,  Facebook