More than 30 000 installs on Android and iOS.

ROI 7 day

ROI [7] iOS - 20% &  Android - 9%

RR2d and RR7d on iOS

RRd2 >30% | RRd7 - 10%

RR2d and RR7d on Android

RRd2 >35% | RRd7 - 10%

Loyal users

Android - average rate of loyal users 27% iOS - average rate of loyal users 30%

“Adsup is a reliable business partner! We have cooperated with Adsup for more than 3 years! And we always got a lot of support and profit as well! Hope that we can dig the cooperation deeper and gain more benefits together!”

Masha Chen,Traffic Development Manager


To acquire loyal users on the Russian market
To increase amount of traffic

Our solution

To help Magic Rush: Heroes break forth on the market of mobile RPG games we had to define target users and what’s more important to create effective and frech advertising approach.
We have applied various mechanisms of advertising to increase conversion rate of loyal users, for example, we tested targeting interests and app-specific creatives. We used different combinations of design elements in the creation of ad materials and ad texts. Also we monitored level of efficiency of different approaches to find the best ones and to scale them.
Due to combined marketing solutions we have reached the goals that were important to the client.



Mobvista (Elex-tech)


Magic Rush: Heroes


RPG Game


Android and iOS