Successfull achivement and consistent remaining of the 1st place in "Food & Drink" category on App Store and 1nd place in "Food & Drink" category on Google Play.


+ 2 000 000


20% of installs converted in order

Top Google Play, Food and drinks

1 place

Top App Store, Food and drinks

1 place

«Adsup is our reliable and responsible partner. Adsup team are skilled professionals, they consider work with attention. Adsup team may advice ways to improve efficiency of the campaign, they deal with traffic optimization and achieve KPI goals. Big volumes of high quality traffic – that’s what Adsup really can do.»

Sergey Sivashov, Head of mobile & display advertising, Delivery Club


Reach the first place in “Food and Drink” category on App Store
Capture new active users
Increase brand awareness

What we have done

Starting nearly from the actual launch of Delivery Club app, Adsup was one of the partners, those assisted them on the way to market leadership and to be on the 1st place in “Food and Drinks” category on App Store.
Our team increased brand awareness and captured new active users, throughout gaining large amount of installs. We defined target audience successfully, and, on the basis of this information, created multiple approaches how to attract potential users. Personalized creatives, regular optimization, which was based on CPI, cost per order and coverage of target groups - our key elements of the achievement of success between Adsup and Delivery Club.




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