With the help with Adsup more that 80 000 people have sold or bought a vehicle using the app. For more than 6 month has been holding the leading position in “Shopping” category on Google Play

Target GEO


Successful Deals

> 80 000 of users have sold/bought a vehicle

TOP Google Play

Holding the leading position in «Shopping» category for more than 6 months

«We cooperate with Adsup for one year already and so far completely satisfied with the quality of services they provide. Their team is always in touch, they work very coordinated and quickly solves the tasks we set, and always have a creative solution to offer. Adsup acquire good volumes of traffic and it’s quality meets all the conditions of the advertising campaign. We hope to continue successful cooperation in future

Aleksey Trusov, Project Mobile Marketing Team Leader in « (Yandex)»


  • To acquire  high amounts of loyal users
  • To increase awareness of the app and
  • To reach leading position on the market

Our solution

Advertising campaign was aimed to acquire a large amount of traffic as well as to create a certain brand perception. Namely, it was important to show that by using people can not only sell or buy a vehicle, but also they can get a full range of accompanying services like: to find parts and service centers, to estimate the cost of a car, to check its documentation and etc.

We create advertising approaches based on different functions of the service (having previously coordinated all ideas and materials with the advertiser), which expands the target audience, keeps involvement in the app, builds trust and interest to the service. The simultaneous launch of advertising on several platforms, such as MyTarget and Facebook, also brought a positive result and a greater reach of the audience.




RPG mobile game




Android and iOS


Mytarget, Facebook


2018- till now