Daily inflow of high volume of qualitative traffic - more than 4 000 installs. Successful penetration of the game on the Russian and European market.


> 1 350 000 installs on Android & iOS


Loyal users > 20%

Registration Rate

In app Registration Rate > 92%

Organic installs

2 500 000

«We are working with Adsup for about one year. You helped us to come on Russian and European market. During our campaign you brought us good volumes with good users in our game.»

Wendy Wong, Overseas Senior Market Manager «Camel games»


  • Russian market penetration
  • Provide large volumes of high-quality traffic – from 4 000 installs per day
  • Capture of loyal users

Our solution

Main goals of this campaign were: daily inflow of large amount of top quality traffic, inflow of loyal users and expansion into Russian and European market. This offer includes several major KPIs, such as Retention Rate, Loyalty Level of users and reaching of 5th Level inside the game.
Our team perform the optimization of all active campaigns on a regular basis in order to identify and scale up the most effective ones and to shut down those that didn’t reach performance identificators.
We are permanently looking for new approaches and testing them on different target groups.
Supplying the RPG with a large volume of good traffic on everyday basis is a pretty tough challenge, but we successfully manage it.
Accurate control of campaigns, ad materials, performance metrics and, of course, vast experience in this field gives us a competitive advantage over other companies, and till now we supply as much traffic as our client desires.



Camel Games

RPG mobile game

Age of Z


an RPG mobile game


Android and iOS


Facebook , MyTarget


2018-till now