We offer a complete and performance-based revenue acquisition solution for mobile apps.


Study the app, elaborate approaches and picture of target audience.

Creative studio

Produce effective ad creatives of all types (playable ads, videos and banners).

Performance marketing

Perform user acquisition through Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Mytarget etc. Optimize campaigns for your KPI and revenue.

Scaling up

Scaling up advertising campaigns without losses in quality.

Make user acquisition process risk-free with one of our payment models.

No money down. Pay for the result only.

Revenue share

Additional revenue for your app without any risk or spend. Pay us a percentage of the revenue that users pay to you.


Pay only upon achieving a success metric, such as App Install in compliance with your KPI's or the desired In-app Event.

Fixed cost percentage

Pay us a percentage fee of the actual effective advertising spending.

Facebook & Instagram

The best quality global social traffic.

Google & Youtube

The biggest traffic source in the world.


The place to find your younger audience.


MyTarget, Startapp, Applovin, Ironsource etc

What if I manage UA in house?

Surprisingly, it’s the most common question among advertisers, who have now become our permanent partners.
The majority of in-house UA departments can provide pretty good volumes of qualitative traffic with lower CPI comparing to almost any 3rd party.
Meanwhile, most of in-house UA are not able to scale the advertising up effectively.
And this is what we do:
Your UA – 1K of installs daily – we can scale it up to 10K with the equal quality.
You can manage 10K – we can scale up to 100K.

Our performance and expertise based on 6 years of experience on global mobile market with the total of >150 partners from very different categories.
The great number of advertising & scaling techniques and approaches are at our disposal, as well as ability and skill to invent and combine it according to your goals.
We are able to make your business grow.

Ready to boost your revenue and push up your business?