Mobile Development Trends

The year is coming to an end and 2022 is waving out the window. And with it new trends in mobile development.


The use of wearable devices increased significantly during the pandemic, so that the number of wearable mobile applications will increase in 2022. They have much to offer and provide personalized experience, convenience and valuable ideas. Taking care of your own health is a necessity and a new fashion, so people are looking for solutions that will help them make it easier.


World brands such as Sony, Facebook, Samsung and many others have successfully introduced the trend of AR and VR in recent years. The trend will continue into 2022. Virtual reality improves user experience, makes it more exciting. In vertical ecommerce, the client gets a 3-dimensional dimension of the product, thereby increasing engagement. This has a positive impact on purchasing options. The use of AR and VR technologies is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.


Super apps

These are multipurpose applications for smartphones that can perform multiple tasks on their own. They cover user needs as much as possible. Such products combine the functions of several different applications such as messenger, social network and mobile payments. People are more likely to choose an application that handles 10 different tasks than 10 applications, one for each problem.


Cloud apps

Quality infrastructure, hybrid solutions – interesting for every business. Again, the integration of cloud storage is not new, but it has not yet reached its maximum potential.  Applications can store data and perform complex functions rather than store information on user devices. Hence, space and convenience.  This not only saves development time, but is also cost-effective for cloud solutions.  By the end of 2022, it is projected that about 85% of corporate workloads will be cloudy.

5G technology

An innovation in the next generation of telecommunications networks, opening doors to more complex AR and VR applications, streaming 4K and 360 videos, and more interconnected IoT devices.  In 2022, there will be 551.1 million 5G connections compared to 190.8 million (BuildFire). Do you know what that actually means? Speed and efficiency are what drive technological innovation.

Compared to the 4G, the 5G will be 100 times faster. 5G will eventually increase the functionality of mobile applications and hence the development trends. For developers, traders and developers, this technology will change the way mobile applications are used.