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Founded in 2013, Adsup is a mobile revenue acquisition agency based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and also operates from California, United States. Their solutions leverage the analysis of the customer lifetime value (LTV) which has helped numerous mobile app developers realize enhanced ROI’s. Theirs is a comprehensive team comprising media-buyers, designers, account managers, software developers, business developers, and officers.

Evgenii Bykov, Co-Founder and CEO of Adsup, says that their strategic approach and unparalleled customer service have helped them thrive for so long. But their real strength is in their advanced media-buying team and in-house creative studio, which helps them take care of all the aspects associated with a project. Capable of producing everything from banners to playables, their firm has emerged as a preferred choice for businesses owing to their impeccable deliverables as well as high degrees of professionalism.


Evgenii is responsible for all the strategic development and high-level management at Adsup, and even after serving more than 300 clients has ensured that their enthusiasm and core drive to excel has remained unwavering. In an interview with GoodFirms, the CEO candidly shares what makes his firm not only survive but thrive in a competitive market where he is nothing but all praise for his dedicated team.


The Transition in Advertising

Discussing in detail about Digital Marketing, Evgenii shared that it’s not, and has never been, just executing through marketing tools haphazardly. It has always been about understanding the market and gaining perspective from individual aspects involving the geography as well. Stating as an example, he explained that the strategy that will involve a hyper-casual game in the Indian Market would be widely differing from the one concerning a subscription fitness app in the US Market. It depends upon the advertisers whether the intention is to realize a surge in downloads or acquire paying users, or even both.

The one aspect that needs to be addressed correctly is to determine the right set of parameters. This is where Adsup differentiates itself from the crowd as a result of their expertise, productive capacity, and practical & realistic business approach. Where some advertising campaigns achieve stagnation, their proven and most effective approaches are capable of transforming them into fully scalable and performing business activities. The CEO also stressed that they have always set the right expectation with the clients. Optimizing profitability and KPIs while targeting User Acquisition, Adsup has always delivered fair and justified results to businesses. Such ethical business practices have resulted in 95% of their clients continuing to work with them for longer than 2 years.

Adsup’s noted digital marketing activities, including quantifiable user acquisition practices, have merited the firm a place of its own amongst the best digital marketing companies in Russia at GoodFirms.


Evgenii also elucidated how wide-ranging the concept of digital marketing is. Though the major goal of every digital marketing strategy is to enhance profits, the approach gets diversified hinged on the operational targets.

Timur Sultanbek, CIS Marketing Director at OrientSwiss SA, shared how they benefitted from Adsup’s expertise while he handing out at a 5-star rating on GoodFirms. Adsup will eventually rise among the global ranks of the top digital marketing companies at GoodFirms as a result of their efforts which are aligned with the path towards excellence.

Unique conduct and a result-oriented approach derived from keen comprehension of consumer lifetime value make Adsup the pick of the litter. The firm will continue to command the Digital Marketing arena under Evgenii Bykov’s sound leadership. To learn more about this visionary CEO, please read the complete interview here at GoodFirms.

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