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How stable profitable traffic generated through expert solutions can lead your business to success, is well implemented by Adsup LLC for its dignified clients across the globe. Let us know about the entire story in the words of Eugene Bykov – the Founder and CEO of Adsup LLC.

Adsup LLC is a Russian digital advertising agency that ensures stable, profitable traffic to its client businesses. Established in 2013, the company has now reached new markets with about 100 clients. 


Adsup LLC promotes mobile applications globally and helps foreign companies reach the top of stores in Russia and the world. With 9 years of experience, Adsup LLC has helped a number of businesses by adding a spark of growth to their business utilizing exceptional talents.  In an interview with GoodFirms, Eugene Bykov, spoke about how Adup LLC came into existence and how he had been in the role of a CEO all through these years.
Eugene shared that it was January 16, 2013, in St. Petersburg when he, Evgenii Bykov, and Andrey Olhin led the foundation stone of Adsup LLC when they really wanted to create something cool together. They did everything from scratch, and gradually furnished the team with powerful specialists, and now, more than 30 people are working  for the same goal and mission & vision. He happily admits, “Despite the fact that there are already so many of us, Adsup has not lost its chip – focus on teamwork, not individualism.”  As Eugene affirms, Adsup LLC is basically engaged in promoting mobile applications, the entire process of promotion and marketing is carried out
within the company only. The cool media buying team, talented developers & designers, HR professionals, and account department cooperate to help small, medium to large level client businesses find their target audience. 

Eugene Bykov even calls themselves friends with all of their competitors and advises their colleagues or competitors if needed some out-of-the-box assistance with developing a website or an application. The company follows a business code that no one violates and it never discloses its customer data and terms under NDA to anyone. This differentiates Adsup LLC from its competitors. 

According to Eugene, the best thing about dealing with Adsup LLC is that the company retains 95% of customer retention rate for more than 3 years. The company promotes businesses in a lot of verticals including over 300+ projects successfully delivered in e-commerce, ride-hailing, games, FMCG, finance, food & drinks.  The company ranked among the top-rated companies and review & rating platforms. It is ranked as a top digital marketing company in Russia in GoodFirms review and rating platform. A client review displayed below is the
perfect example of how the company has been appreciated by its customers worldwide.

Adsup LLC CEO affirms providing comprehensive solutions to promote mobile applications. The third-party UA is always involved in four major cases such as mastering, scaling, penetration, and a fresh look on ad creatives. These cases are deeply described in the detailed interview. “As the modern market is at the saturation stage already, for the last couple of years, we were mostly engaged in penetration, scaling, and creative ideas. And we’re really good at it”, as he adds further.

Eugene clears that the company builds the process of promoting advertising campaigns much faster than many other companies. Regular reports are provided on each step of advertising, considering data transparency as one of the important factors of the process. Promptly prepared creatives by the designers and timely monitoring of all processes help retain absolute customer
satisfaction rate in Adsup LLC. Email, chat, and other systems to quickly respond adds a significant advantage to meeting customer queries and requests.

According to Eugene, Adsup LLC is quite flexible with the payment models to cooperate with their clients. Generally, the company prefers to cooperate with net10/net15, but will be glad to consider net30 as well. It can cooperate with almost all payment models such as CPI (Cost Per Install), CPI + KPIs (usually Retention Rate, Loyal, Level Achievement, etc), Fee Basis (CPI with KPIs using the customer’s budget), any kind of CPA (Cost per Action such as registration, unique paying user, purchase), riskless RevShare (Revenue Share) and LTPS (Lifetime Profit Share). He clears that the company cannot provide any project specific information as all projects are approached individually. However, they can process any request and consider what a customer wishes. Eugene Bykov concludes the interview by sharing about constant evolution and growth of He shared the absolute dedication and determination of the company towards constant training and obtaining certificates from sites such as TikTok or Google for employees as the outcome of its success. He strongly believes that even after 10 and 20 years they will still help each application find its audience!

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