General Questions

It is the most common question among advertisers, who have now become our permanent partners. There are a lot of companies, who run in-house user acquisition but there’s ALWAYS a room for improvement.

There are multiple variables that affect a campaign’s performance. A successful campaign is a perfect combination of an audience, ad angle, and creative.

If you run profitable ads, that means you have successfully identified a good combination of those three variables, however, in most cases, there is a possibility for finding another audience, ad angle, or creative.

Throughout our six years of experience, we have tested a zillion of combinations and identified high-performing ones for various industries. With each new client, we run lean experiments finding out those combinations that will work specifically for your mobile app.

Facebook’s, Google’s and other advertising platforms’ ads compete against each other if they are served to the same audience. We avoid competition by working with a market/audience that your team hasn’t yet tapped into or one where ads’ performance falls flat.

Competition might as well be created by in-house teams when running experiments. You can think of us as an extension of your team that creates no more competition than caused by the standard testing practices.

Yes, it is true! Adsup has its own creative department, which consists of image and motion designers, as well as software engineers.

Our Creative Studio can produce not only advertising banners and videos but also Playable Ads. Thus, we work with absolutely all formats of advertising creatives!

We provide a full range of effective promotion services for mobile games and applications worldwide. Our team successfully performs media-planning, production of HQ high-quality ads, media-buying and constant optimization of advertising companies campaigns in order to achieve the best quality of traffic for 6 years straight.

These models are:

  • CPI with maintaining KPIs;
  • CPA; the action must be determined by the advertiser according to the monetization model they use (most of the time – some sort of purchase or donation);

Revenue Share or the percentage from the actual income, in which case, the advertiser pays an agreed percentage from the income they already receive.

Thus, the advertiser pays for the actual result only. The possibility of any financial losses caused by the low quality of traffic, insolvency of users, or low retention rate is born by our company.

While our strongest area of expertise is Facebook, our team acquires high-quality users from Facebook, Google, MyTarget, Snapchat and through in-app sources worldwide.

We charge based on all major models: CPI, CPA, CPS, RevShare, SOI, DOI.

Each campaign’s payment model is selected on a case by case basis and is based on multiple factors, such as app category, geo, advertiser’s goals, and others.

The basic structure of every model may or may not change throughout the execution.

We strive for a win-win solution for both the advertiser and the agency. We are always open for dialogue and are flexible, aspiring for long-term relationships.

  1. The first ever step is outlining of the basic details of an offer: payment model, geo, traffic sources, creatives, budget limits, integration properties.
  2. The next step is a test launch; we normally run it on CPI model with limitations (500 to 1000 installs).
  3. The major goal here is to test ad angles, creatives, and audiences that will perform best for the mobile app.
  4. The final step is a full-campaign launch based on the results of the test, agreed upon budget, and pre-set KPIs. We maintain continuous communication with the advertiser, traffic analysis, and optimization during the whole campaign.

We have our own media buying team with 6 years of experience. Therefore we perform, manage, and bear responsibility for each and every stage of the campaign; thus, we can guarantee it’s best results.

We can hire affiliates as well, but only in case the advertiser seeks alternative sources of traffic or geos and gives us permission to engage affiliates. However, this is rather an exception, than a rule.

Snapchat works great in France, Germany, the UK and in the United States.

The average age in Europe and in the US is 16-25.

It works perfectly for apps that engage a younger audience.

We are always in dialogue with advertisers within all steps of an ad campaign. Each advertiser has a dedicated account manager, who provides reporting and feedback. Our account support is available 24/7.

For mobile apps we work with all the major tracking tools such as Adjust, AppsFlyer, Tune. We use Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica for web analytics.
If you prefer using any other tracker, rest assured that our technical experts will set up the integration in no time.

Our rule of thumb is that every ad creative is approved by the advertiser before going live.
Our main goal is a long-term partnership! We believe that the only way to build trustworthy relationships is by being transparent. Hence, we provide our clients with all the data they require in real-time through a dashboard or upon a request.

Because of our experience, the chance of getting fraud traffic through us is minimal. The only area of concern is affiliates due to the limitations of the model this type of traffiс has.

The safety practices that we use include prior approval by the advertiser and whitelisting. As we cooperate only with trustworthy affiliates that we work with for years and control their traffic very closely, the risk of fraud is extremely low.

Moreover, if any tiny suspicion of fraud is noticed, the affiliate source is shut down immediately and the funds spent are reimbursed to the advertiser.

There is a standard onboarding process that any new advertiser goes through. This includes legal arrangements, details arrangements, campaign set up, integrations. This process, depending on an advertiser, might take days or weeks to agree internally, fulfill all formalities, such as documents approval, tracking links generation, creatives approval, etc.

Once all formalities are fulfilled a campaign can be launched within a few hours.

Anything that depends on us, we sort out in the shortest time possible.