Дайджест Социальных Сетей

New Russian social networks have made our spring more dynamic than ever. Adsup.me, the whole month tested each of the novelties especially for you. We have compiled a digest with the features, minuses and pros of applications.

In the list of participants:

  • Grustnogram

On the evening of March 29, Russian developers presented a social network «Grustnogram», which automatically imposes a black-and-white filter on the published photos. By the evening of the same day, the social network counted 50,000 users. The only way to be sad is in the web version, but towards the end of the week it will be possible to be sad from applications in Google Play and in the App Store. There’s no business opportunity yet.

  • Now

The «Now» application was launched on April 1. 

Now there is a version for Android owners. The application does not differ from now blocked in Russia Instagram. Downloading video and using filters are not available. Sorry, hashtags, storis and current, too.

  • Fiesta

The interface, self-delaying 24-hour stories and much more so beloved to our heart is present in the app. Also, it was pleased that the application positioned itself as a business platform, you can buy and sell. More than 150,000 users and 1st place in the Russian App Store for the first week of the project launch. While the application is only available in the App Store, the Android version is still in development.

  • TenChat

The Russian analogue of the professional network, in which entrepreneurs, freelancers and digital professionals share their opinions, has 1 million users. The content format is a text post to which you can attach one or more pictures or a snippet link. There is no opportunity to write on behalf of the company, but you can develop a personal brand. 

The site shows pretty good post coverage. Which can allow you to find customers directly in the app.

  • Rosgram

The app is not available. So far, there is only a review from the creators. According to publications in official groups, it can be concluded that the social network is similar to Instagram and in appearance and functionality. 

*Meta activity is extremist and prohibited on the territory of Russia.

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