Some great companies who trust us.

Revenue: 2 000 000 $

“Adsup team was very helpful in growing our game internationally. Whole team were always very responsive, receptive to feedback and constantly pushing for quality traffic. We hope to work together more in the future!”

Andy Jennings, PerBlue

Dragon Soul | an RPG mobile game | Android and iOS


+ 1 000 000

Top Google Play Overall

7 place

Top App Store Overall

5 place

Purchases: 1 300 000

«Partnership with Adsup brings positive results! Over a long period of time Adsup has captured big volumes of traffic with well-performed ROI. Firstly, we ran a successful campaign with Adsup in Russia and CIS countries, and now Adsup is the most significant partner in promotion of our app on the foreign market. We are satisfied with the traffic quality and our mutual progress!»

Yuri Ivanov, Joom

Joom | shopping worldwide app | Android and iOS


80% installs convert to orders

ROI 7 days


ROI 30 days


Orders: 3 000 000

“Adsup is our reliable and responsible partner. Adsup team are skilled professionals, they consider work with attention. Adsup team may advice ways to improve efficiency of the campaign, they deal with traffic optimization and achieve KPI goals. Big volumes of high quality traffic – that’s what Adsup really can do.”

Sergey Sivashov, Head of mobile & display advertising,
Delivery Club

Delivery Club | food delivery | Android and iOS


+ 2 000 000


20% installs convert to first orders

Top Google Play, Food and drinks

1 place

Top App Store, Food and drinks

1 place

Orders: 750 000

“We have been working with Adsup for one year and we are very pleased with our cooperation. Adsup team works in a quick and efficient way and what is very important they are always in touch. Adsup brings large volumes of high qualitative traffiс within a short time. May the Force of Facebook be with you!”

Dzhulustan Matveev, Head of digital marketing,

inDriver | taxi | Android and iOS


300 000


215 000

Subscribes: 600 000

“We have cooperated with Adsup for more than 1 year! And we always got a lot of support and profit as well!”

Anton Morozov, Head of mobile,

Guvera | music mobile app | Android and iOS


+ 1 500 000


40% installs convert to subscriber

Top Google Play, Music

3 place

Top App Store, Music

2 place

Paying users: 590 000

“Adsup created a lot of awesome creatives and videos for us. Adsup team was very helpful in growing our app internationally. They did all they can for our app.”

Manager working in famous dating app

One famous dating app | Android and iOS


+ 1 500 000

ARPU 7 days

5 $

ARPU 30 days

23 $

Paying users: 30 000

Adsup gained a reputation of a reliable business partner. We’ve being cooperated for a long time and the quality of traffic is always high. It is worth pointing out communication with the team, that was always supportive, and fast problem solution.

Stanislav Boukreev, YouDo

YouDo | job application | Android and iOS

Convert to paying users


Top Google Play Overall

3 place

Top App Store Overall

3 place

Orders: 1 250 000

“Always quality traffic with great performance. We got a lot of new active users. Very grateful to the whole team for the work done.” | hotels | Android and iOS


+ 500 000


+ 350 000


+ 800 000

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Engage high quality paying users through any of our marketing channels.

Our in-house media buying team performs advanced user acquisition on Facebook, Google, Snapchat, MyTarget, in-app etc.


Master wide audience with highly engaging playable ads, videos and banners.

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Make user acquisition process risk-free with one of our payment models.

No money down. Pay for the result only.

Revenue share

Additional revenue for your app without any risk or spend. Pay us a percentage of the revenue that users pay to you.


Pay only upon achieving a success metric, such as App Install in compliance with your KPI's or the desired In-app Event.

Fixed cost percentage

Pay us a percentage fee of the actual effective advertising spending.

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